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Why there are no any studying materials for 1Z0-083?

I have the certification of 11G OCP, indeed I am not in the age who really really need a certification for work seeking

But first, I realize that my current cert may be obsolete very soon, moreover, I want to measure my current ability and challenge myself because I am not really in synchronization with the latest functions

I just found that there are no materials who can help me to prepare for this examination, there are any 5 pages on google when I searched for "Oracle 1Z0-083", not to say 99% of the searching results turning are selling the exam dump

Currently, I can only study the material from 1Z0-060, but it will expiry sooner

It seems to me that there is a huge gap between the old and new version in Oracle professional exam, the old one has been announced that will be stopped in the near future, but the new one has no any assessment for the learners. Is it the reason because of COVID 19? Does it lead to no publishments on these few months? Or worse, no more people need to have this certification on their CV?

I consider that Amazon does much better than Oracle, but Oracle administration is my core skills, I just want to make it better

May I know who can give me some advice on the preparation of this certification?