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My Oracle Support Community - Access denied

31219553121955 Posts: 6
edited June 1 in Social Groups

Hi guys,

can anybody explain to me why, if I go to the "My Oracle Support Community" section I get the following message?

Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here.

Yet I'm connected with my user code: 3121955.

Can you please assist?



Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 17.19.23.png


  • BluShadowBluShadow Moderator Posts: 40,754 Red Diamond
    edited June 1

    Are you (your organisation) a paying customer?

    If so, you should have a local administrator who will ensure that your user account is tied in to the organisation's Customer Support Identifier (CSI), and then your account will be allowed access to the My Oracle Support (MOS) section of the site.

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