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PearsonVUE nightmare

Eduardo Ferrari
Eduardo Ferrari Member Posts: 14 Green Ribbon

Monday, 6/1/2020 I was scheduled to take the 1Z0-997: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Architect Professional at 12:30PM EST. I logged in at 12:15PM EST but the proctor didn't show up until 12:55PM EST. Once the proctor opened up the exam, the computer started to lag and I could barely move the mouse. With a strong effort I was able to click on the Chat window and the proctor talked to me. She told me to reboot the computer and get on OneVUE and use the same access code. Once I did that, she told me that the exam was going to start, instead I got the death screen: Woops, we had a problem. We will reschedule your exam for free.

What happened after? HOURS! HOURS AND HOURS on the phone with PearsonVUE, on hold, call would drop after 45-50 minutes on hold. Once someone answered, they couldn't help, asked to go to supervisor and the hold was even bigger. Once a supervisor answered for the first time, he told me I couldn't take the 1Z0-997 again because the exam was retired on 5/31. I contacted Oracle and they said the exam wasn't retired. So I went back to PearsonVUE (another 2 hours on hold) and they finally agreed that I could rebook it but I wouldn't be able to do it so right away, I would have to wait ..... and call dropped! Joke, right? Well.. Monday 6/1 and Tuesday 6/2 I spent 13 hours in calls with PearsonVUE to accomplish a voucher code to retake the exam, but I would have to wait "UP TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS". It is a joke right? No! It isn't. After a few other calls and more hours on the phone, I was told to wait at a minimum of 24 hours and maximum of 72 hours of the exam so I could get in and rebook again. Tonight, Tuesday 6/2, at 8:35PM EST I got an email from "certview" with my exam results, which was a sign that the exam finally "released".

I got inside the PearsonVUE website and tried to book the exam again, but... woops... "A price could not be found for the selected exam. Please contact customer service for further assistance.". I tried to call and ... offices closed! I found a number for Australia (where the office is open at this time) and after 50 minutes on the phone I was told they are getting the same error and I would have to contact the US call center tomorrow and try to resolve.

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