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HAFIZ- Ora_Tech
HAFIZ- Ora_Tech Member Posts: 44 Silver Badge

Hello Members,

I would like to know whether you can register to take all the Level 1 and Levels  exams free when your organization is licenced or they is payments for the registration and Exams.

if yes how would I register for the exams.



  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini BI / ETL Consultant Member Posts: 3,463 Bronze Crown
    edited June 2020

    I do not understand your question, post an example of an Oracle Certification exam you would like to register.

    If your company has already bought a set of exams, or a pack of vouchers, you may use them if they provide it to you. On my previous company, we were Oracle Partners and we had a couple of OPN exam vouchers every year, I used one of the to take an exam once.

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