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Hello - am I in the right place?

edited Jun 15, 2020 3:59AM in Social Groups


As the getting started blurb suggests, I am finding these communities confusing and difficult to navigate; but I'm also not sure I'm in the right place ...

I work for a company using an MRP / ERP system we know as Oracle B1 (not BI). I'm relatively new to ERP and want to ask questions from a user and commercial point of view; for example, I have a question at the moment about changing the part number for existing inventory. From what I've seen so far, these communities look to be much more technical, programming and developer; I see communities on databases, SQL, Java etc.

Am I at all in the right place?


  • BluShadow
    BluShadow Member, Moderator Posts: 41,645 Red Diamond
    edited Jun 15, 2020 3:59AM

    Not heard of Oracle B1.  Even searching google for it, just shows Oracle BI.

    However searching for Oracle ERP on this community links to some of the "Cloud" related spaces, so maybe that's one of the ones you're looking for.

    Some products are only supported through the "My Oracle Support" - Oracle MOS community (MOSC), which is for paying customers, so if you have a Customer Support Identifier (CSI) you should be able to gain access to that ( )

    Without being familiar with the product you're referring to, it's hard for me to direct you to the correct place.