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Oracle Developer Certification Path

Akhtar_w Member Posts: 178 Blue Ribbon

I am Working as Oracle Forms and Reports Developer with an experience of 4 Years.

I have passed my first oracle certification 1z0-071 (Oracle Database SQL). Now I want Some guidance to which exam i should take to earn my OCP certification. Which path should i follow.


1z0-144 - Program with PL/SQL

1z0-148 - Advanced PL/SQL

1z0-149 - Oracle Database 19c: Program with PL/SQL

Or any Other Path  / Exam. Please guide me I will be thankful.



  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini BI / ETL Consultant Member Posts: 3,463 Bronze Crown
    edited June 2020

    Well, the first thing you need to ask, is to yourself, and it would be "What do I want to do in the future?"

    If you feel comfortable and happy working with PL/SQL, and developing code on the DB side (as I do!), then the PL/SQL track is the right option, and there are not so many options.

    First of all, Oracle certifications are usually organized in this order: Associate --> Professional --> Master. Some "tracks" have additional levels (like Expert or Specialist), some tracks (like PL/SQL) do no have a "Master" level.

    If you have already passed the 1Z0-071 Exam, then you have already obtained the OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) on SQL:


    So you started on the "SQL" track (that starts and ends at Associate level) now the logical move would be to go for the "PL/SQL" track:

    1) Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate


      • Step 1 --> Exam 1Z0-071 (DONE - you already have it)
      • Step 2 --> Exam 1Z0-144

    2) PL/SQL Certified Professional

    You may want to:

    • Go "step by step", starting with the the option 1 --> PL/SQL Associate, then choose between one of the 2 "versions" (Oracle 11g or Oracle 19c, more up to date but probably a little harder) available on option 2). This means 2 exams (twice $$$) but probably simpler to study and to pass the exams.
    • You may just "skip" the PL/SQL Associate level and go directly for the PL/SQL OCP one, using options 2 or 3. Save some $$$, but you may need to study a little more....
  • Rajisri
    Rajisri Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2020


    You are experienced in Oracle field. There are lot of technical training institutes emerged in India. Particularly, in Chennai there are lot of training places where Oracle certification can be carried out. I would suggest Infycle Technologies. Register and  have a call they might guide you better on what you are looking for.

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