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How can I contribute articles on OTN?

Scott YaoScott Yao Posts: 9 Green Ribbon

I am going to write some paper which I think it's good enough to recommand to .

Could I introduce them to otn?

Sven W.


  • BluShadowBluShadow Moderator Posts: 40,813 Red Diamond
    edited August 2020

    OTN (Or Groundbreakers as it's currently called) no longer allows for documents/blogs to be created, with a view to the pending upgrade to a new community platform later this year.

    The new platform, apparently, doesn't permit the creation of blogs and documents (all existing ones will be turned in to discussions).

    Please see the FAQ:

  • L. FernigriniL. Fernigrini Database Practice Lead - Posts: 3,448 Bronze Crown
    edited August 2020

    Both @BluShadow and @Dude! are talking about adding documents to this community, while I understand that you want to submit an article for the former OTN subsite at

    In the page you pointed, there are some links to articles:


    I have submitted a couple of them for the "OTN in Spanish" section in the past, they are located in a separate place (

    The entire Oracle site has been reorganized, in the past there was a link that pointed to a page with the instructions to submit a new article, but now they are not present anymore... I had to send the articles in WORD format to an email and got the approval a couple of weeks later.

    I would ask on twitter on  on the instructions, they are quite active on twitter.

    Sven W.
  • Christina Brashear-OracleChristina Brashear-Oracle Unicorn Posts: 45 Employee
    edited August 2020

    Hi Dude!,

    Thank you for making sure we were aware that this was still showing marked as correct. We were testing some processes and that should have been unmarked as part of the test. It has now been removed.



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