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Instructions & Examples of Personal vs. Community Blogs & Documents

Jim Finch-OracleJim Finch-Oracle Moderator Posts: 526 Employee

If your blog or document was created in a Community area and appears under the "blogs" or "documents" heading from that area:


You don't have to do anything. Those blogs and documents will be converted to discussions.

If your blog or document was created as part of your profile and appears under the "blogs" or "documents" section of your profile:


You must recreate them as documents in this area as blogs or documents that were created as part of a profile WILL NOT be included in our migration.

To create a new document:

Click here:

Click "start a new discussion" and copy your blog or document to that new discussion.

For multiple blog entries or documents, we suggest creating a new discussion for EACH entry or each document.

Once this is complete, those blog entries and documents will be included in the migration.



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