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Required Script to Complete AWR Warehouse Upgrade


In case the OMS Version is 13.2 or higher (Including 13.4 RU3), a script must run manually on The Enterprise Manager Repository to upgrade the packages on the AWR Warehouse database.

Bug 31340799 - AWR Warehouse packages not updated automatically

This script enables the enhanced diagnostics and error handling for the AWR Warehouse in EM 13.2 and EM 13.3..

This script should only be applied to upgraded AWR Warehouses for EM 13.2 through 13.4 RU2. This script is not for fresh installs of the AWR Warehouse in EM 13.4 RU3 and above.

How to check the script run successfully?

  Once the script is triggered a series of EM Jobs will run:



  3- CAW_EXTRACT_UPGRADE_*(if warehouse has one or more non-PDB sources)

  4- CAW_EXTRACT_UPGRADE_PDP_*(if warehouse has one or more PDB Sources)

  If all these jobs succeed, then the update is applied successfully.


If the OMS version is 13.2 or higher (including 13.4 RU2)

The following SQL script that is located on the OMS host at:

      Location: <Middleware_Home>/plugins/oracle.sysman.db.oms.plugin_XXXXX/sql/db/

If the OMS is currently on 13.4 version,

The location would be: <Middleware_Home>/plugins/oracle.sysman.db.oms.plugin_13.

To Run the script:

1. Connect to the OEM repository as “sysman” user then run this script.

2. This script will submit a job that will update the AWR warehouse specific packages for the warehouse and source databases.

This is required to get the latest version of the packages.