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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 1 Top New Features

Totally new GUI, a lot new stuff at Infrastructure stack. There are many more new features as well as hundreds of enhancements introduced into the existing features. If you just want to check the top 12 listed features of OEM13c, below is the list.

1. Gold image based agent lifecycle management (

2. “Always on” monitoring (

3. Notification blackouts for managing target downtime windows (

4. Cloud-scale configuration drift management

5. Hardware and infrastructure management (

6. Engineered Systems patching

7. Exadata and Exalogic-Nimbula VM provisioning

8. Exacheck integration into the compliance framework

9. Flexible access control for database management (

10. Database Consolidation workbench (

11. Continuous data refresh between production and test databases

12. Unification of Middleware Consoles into Enterprise Manager 13c (