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How to Create and Apply Monitoring Templates in Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control

Currently OEM comes out of the box with too many metrics being collected. Example: All of our Single-Instance databases are collecting numerous database vault and streams metrics which are not needed. We want to remove them to relieve the load on the OMS. What is the best way to accomplish this?

- To change the defaults, you cannot edit the Out-Of-Box (OOB) Oracle Default Templates. You will need to use the 'Create Like' feature, edit them (removing the metrics you do not need), and then apply them to your existing targets and/or set it as the default, so that new targets of that type that are added inherit the new template.

- To create a template based on the default OOB template(s):

1. Navigate to: Enterprise > Monitoring > Monitoring Templates

2. Click the check-box entitled: 'Display Oracle provided templates and Oracle Certified templates' and click the [Go] button

3. Click the radio button next to the template you wish to modify (i.e. Oracle provided Database Instance template) and click the [Create Like] button

4. Give the template a name (i.e. myOracle Database Template), enter a description and check the box entitled: 'Make this the default template for this target type' if you want future targets added to use this template.

5. Click the 'Metric Thresholds' tab and edit (either check the items you wish to remove and click the [Remove Metrics from Template] button or click the [Add Metrics to Template] button to add a metric.

6. Edit the Thresholds if so desired (May also click the 'pencil/triple-pencil' icon to add or remove monitored objects), and click the link in the 'Collection Schedule' column if you wish to enable/disable/change the frequency of collections for each group.

7. Click the 'Other Collected Items' tab edit (add/remove as per step #5 above)

8. Click the [Ok] button

- To Apply a user-created template to existing (already discovered) targets:

1. Click the radio button next to the user-defined template you created and click the [Apply] button

2. You have two (radio Button) selections:
() Template will completely replace all metric settings in the target. Applying the template removes the thresholds of the metrics that are present in the target, but not included in the template. This disables alert functionality for these metrics. Metric data will continue to be collected.
() Template will only override metrics that are common to both template and target.

3. Under 'Destination Targets' section, click the [Add] button

4. Select the target and click [Ok]

5. You will see a confirmation message:
  The apply of monitoring template myOracle Database Template has been successfully submitted.
  There may be a delay before the template is applied to all targets.
  The Pending Apply Operations column indicates how many targets have not yet been updated.

6. You can click the number in 'Pending Apply Operations' column to check your operation.

- To import a template from a previous version of Grid Control:

1. Follow the instructions in the following document to create the export file(s):

Note 1416363.1 How to Import a Template to 12c Cloud Control from Previous Grid Control Version?

2. Navigate to: Enterprise > Monitoring > Monitoring Templates

3. Click the [Import] button

4. You will see 'Import Template XML' - Click the [Browse] button and locate the template you created in step #1 and click [Import]