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How to Move or Migrate 13c Agent Base Directory to Different Location

Perform the following steps to move or migrate 13c agent base directory to a different location:

1. Rename existing <AGENT_BASE>/sysman/install/ to

2. Download AgentMigrate_updated.txt from this document to agent machine and copy the to <AGENT_BASE>/sysman/install directory

3. Rename the file AgentMigrate_updated.txt to

4. Run the following commands to migrate the agent base directory:

     a. <AGENT_HOME>/perl/bin/perl <AGENT_HOME>/sysman/install/ -instancehome <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>

          Here, <AGENT_HOME> represents the current central agent Oracle home, and <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME> represents the current central agent instance home.

     b. <AGENT_HOME>/perl/bin/perl <AGENT_HOME>/sysman/install/ -instanceHome <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME> -newAgentBaseDir <AGENT_BASE_DIRECTORY>

          Here, <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME> represents the current agent instance home, and <AGENT_BASE_DIRECTORY> represents the new agent base directory where agent needs to be migrated

     $ /u03/anandu/agent/agent_13. /u03/anandu/agent/agent_13. -instancehome /u03/anandu/agent/agent_inst
     $ /u03/anandu/agent/agent_13. /u03/anandu/agent/agent_13. -instanceHome /u03/anandu/agent/agent_inst -newAgentBaseDir /u03/anandu/agent_migrate

5. Once above command completes successfully, verify the agents and target status in 13c Cloud Control

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