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EM CLI verbs in Enterprise Manager 12c

Here are the EM CLI verbs in Enterprise Manager 12c. This helps you in writing new scripts or enhancing your existing scripts for further automation.

Basic Administration Verbs

invoke_ws - Invoke EM web service.

ADM Verbs

associate_target_to_adm - Associate a target to an application data model.

export_adm - Export Application Data Model to a specified .xml file.

import_adm - Import Application Data Model from a specified .xml file.

list_adms - List the names, target names and application suites of existing Application Data Models

verify_adm - Submit an application data model verify job for the target specified.

BI Publisher Reports Verbs

grant_bipublisher_roles - Grants access to the BI Publisher catalog and features.

revoke_bipublisher_roles - Revokes access to the BI Publisher catalog and features.

Blackout Verbs

create_rbk - Create a Retro-active blackout.

CFW Verbs

cancel_cloud_service_requests -  To cancel cloud service requests

delete_cloud_service_instances -  To delete cloud service instances

delete_cloud_user_objects - To delete cloud user objects.

get_cloud_service_instances - To get information about cloud service instances

get_cloud_service_requests - To get information about cloud requests

get_cloud_user_objects - To get information about cloud user objects.

Chargeback Verbs

add_chargeback_entity - Adds the given entity to Chargeback.

assign_charge_plan - Assign a plan to a chargeback entity.

assign_cost_center - Assign a cost center to a chargeback entity.

create_charge_entity_type - Create  charge entity type

export_charge_plans - Exports charge plans metadata to file

export_custom_charge_items -  Exports user defined charge items to a file

import_charge_plans - Imports charge plans metadata from given file

import_custom_charge_items -  Imports user defined charge items metadata from given file

list_charge_plans - Gives a list of charge plans in Chargeback.

list_chargeback_entities - Gives a list of all the entities in Chargeback

list_chargeback_entity_types - Gives a list of all the entity types that are supported in Chargeback

list_cost_centers - Lists the cost centers in Chargeback.

remove_chargeback_entity - Removes the given entity from Chargeback.

unassign_charge_plan - Un-assign the plan associated to a chargeback entity.

unassign_cost_center - Un-assign the cost center associated to a chargeback entity.

Configuration/Association History

disable_config_history - Disable configuration history computation for a target type.

enable_config_history - Enable configuration history computation for a target type.

set_config_history_retention_period - Sets the amount of time for which Configuration History is retained.


config_compare - Submits the configuration comparison job

get_config_templates - Gets all the comparison templates from the repository

Compliance Verbs

fix_compliance_state -  Fix compliance state by removing references in deleted targets.

Credential Verbs


Data Subset Verbs

export_subset_definition - Exports specified subset definition as XML file at specified directory path.

generate_subset - Generate subset using specified subset definition and target database.

import_subset_definition - Import a subset definition from specified XML file.

import_subset_dump - Imports dump file into specified target database.

list_subset_definitions - Get the list of subset definition, adm and target name

Delete pluggable Database Job Verbs

delete_pluggable_database - Delete a pluggable database

Deployment Procedure Verbs

get_runtime_data - Get the runtime data of an execution

Discover and Push to Agents Verbs

generate_discovery_input - Generate Discovery Input file for discovering Auto-Discovered Domains

refresh_fa - Refresh Fusion Instance

run_fa_diagnostics - Run Fusion Applications Diagnostics

Fusion Middleware Provisioning Verbs

create_fmw_domain_profile - Create a Fusion Middleware Provisioning Profile from a WebLogic Domain

create_fmw_home_profile - Create a Fusion Middleware Provisioning Profile from an Oracle Home

create_inst_media_profile - Create a Fusion Middleware Provisioning Profile from Installation Media

Incident Rules Verbs

add_target_to_rule_set - Add a target to an enterprise rule set.

delete_incident_record - Delete one or more open incidents

remove_target_from_rule_set - Remove a target from an enterprise rule set.

Job Verbs

export_jobs - Export job details in to an xml file

import_jobs - Import job definitions from an xml file

job_input_file - Supply details for a job verb in a property file

resume_job - Resume a job or set of jobs

suspend_job - Suspend a job or set of jobs

Oracle Database as Service Verbs

config_db_service_target - Configure DB Service target for OPC

Privilege Delegation Settings Verbs

clear_default_privilege_delegation_setting - Clears the default privilege delegation setting for a given list of platforms

set_default_privilege_delegation_setting - Sets the default privilege delegation setting for a given list of platforms

test_privilege_delegation_setting - Tests a Privilege Delegation Setting on a host

SSA Verbs

cleanup_dbaas_requests - Submit cleanup request for failed request

create_dbaas_quota - Create Database Quota for a SSA User Role

create_service_template - Create a Service Template

delete_dbaas_quota - Delete the Database Quota setup for a SSA User Role

delete_service_template - Delete a given service template

get_dbaas_quota - List the Database Quota setup for all SSA User Roles

get_dbaas_request_settings - List the Database Request Settings

get_service_template_detail - Get details of a given service template

get_service_templates -  Get the list of available service templates

rename_service_template -  Rename a given service template

update_dbaas_quota - Update the Database Quota for a SSA User Role

update_dbaas_request_settings - Update the Database Request Settings

update_service_template -  Update a given service template.


get_saved_configs  - Gets the saved configurations from the repository

Server Generated Alert Metric Verbs

validate_server_generated_alerts  - Server Generated Alert Metric Verb

Services Verbs

edit_sl_rule - Edit the service level rule for the specified service

Siebel Verbs

list_siebel_enterprises -  List Siebel enterprises currently monitored in EM

list_siebel_servers -  List Siebel servers under a specified siebel enterprise

update_siebel- Update a Siebel enterprise or its underlying servers

SiteGuard Verbs

add_siteguard_aux_hosts -  Associate new auxiliary hosts to the system

configure_siteguard_lag -  Configure apply lag and transport lag limit for databases

delete_siteguard_aux_host -  Delete auxiliary host associated with a site

delete_siteguard_lag -  Erases apply lag or transport lag limit for databases

get_siteguard_aux_hosts -  Get all auxiliary hosts associated with a site

get_siteguard_health_checks -  Shows schedule of health checks

get_siteguard_lag -  Shows apply lag or transport lag limit for databases

schedule_siteguard_health_checks -  Schedule health checks for an operation plan

stop_siteguard_health_checks -  Stops all future health check execution of an operation plan

update_siteguard_lag -  Updates apply lag and transport lag limit for databases

Software Library Verbs

stage_swlib_entity_files -  Stage files of an entity from Software Library to a host target.

Target Data Verbs

create_assoc - Creates target associations

delete_assoc - Deletes target associations

list_allowed_pairs - Lists allowed association types for specified source and destination

list_assoc - Lists associations between source and destination targets

manage_agent_partnership - Manages partnership between agents. Used for explicitly assigning agent partnerships

Trace Reports

generate_ui_trace_report  -  Generate and download UI Page performance report (to identify slow rendering pages)


add_virtual_platform - Add Oracle Virtual PLatform(s).

modify_virtual_platform - Modify Oracle Virtual Platform.

To get more details about each verb, execute

$ emcli help <verb_name>

Example: $ emcli help list_assoc

New resources in list verb

These are the new resources in EM CLI list verb :



Credential Resource Group

  PreferredCredentialsDefaultSystemScope - Preferred credentials (System Scope)

  PreferredCredentialsSystemScope - Target preferred credential

Privilege Delegation Settings

  TargetPrivilegeDelegationSettingDetails  - List privilege delegation setting details on a host

  TargetPrivilegeDelegationSetting - List privilege delegation settings on a host

  PrivilegeDelegationSettings  - Lists all Privilege Delegation Settings

  PrivilegeDelegationSettingDetails - Lists details of  Privilege Delegation Settings

To get more details about each resource, execute

$ emcli list -resource="<resource_name>" -help

Example: $ emcli list -resource="PrivilegeDelegationSettings" -help

Deprecated Verbs:

Agent Administration Verbs

resecure_agent - Resecure an agent

To get the complete list of verbs, execute:

$ emcli help