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Managing contacts flagged with the "Excluded from Email: Unsubscribe" error

Hello there!

Don't panic.

If you notice a spike in contacts caught in the email step after your campaign launches, double click the View Campaign Step Members in Error State, and check the "Status" field.

Contacts flagged with the status: Excluded from Email: Unsubscribe have unsubscribed  from the email group associated with the campaign's email.

Spot check a contact by navigating to the Preferences tab in the Contact Details menu. From there you can confirm which email group(s) they've unsubscribed from.

To view a full picture of the Status field values, export the contacts from the View Campaign Step Members in Error State menu and open the file in Excel.

In Excel you can add a filter to the Status field, view the counts for each value, and identify which other Excluded from Email statuses were received.