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Custom Data Object Uploads - Two Quick Tips

Two quick tips you may find helpful when uploading contacts to a CDO*:

  • To ensure correct mapping of the contact record to the CDO record, upload the contacts to the Eloqua database first, then upload the contacts to the Custom Data Object.
    • I recommend creating a shared list to capture the contacts upon upload. Even if you don't end up using the contacts in a specific campaign, they'll be in a "bucket" for you to review later if needed.
    • Be sure the Map data cards check-box is checked on the Upload Actions tab (step 4)

  • To save your upload configuration in the Custom Object Record Upload Wizard, navigate all the way to the Summary tab (step 5) in the Upload Wizard, but don't click the "Finish" button.
    • This will save your current configuration, so you can double check your field mappings and upload actions if need be.

*for new Eloqua users CDO = Custom Data Object