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Pre-Canvas Activation: A Checklist


I've found having a checklist to follow before activating a campaign is helpful.

It's great documentation to have for new hires, and also helps savvy Eloqua veterans avoid mistakes.

Of course every campaign is different. But there are some check-list practices that can apply to nearly every canvas.

Below are a few to consider:

1. Assets

Are the correct Email(s) on the canvas? Are the Segment(s) routing to the correct Email? Having solid naming convention practices in place will reduce mistakes here.

To double check the Email, hover over the Segment to view the entire Segment name. For visual confirmation, double click on the Email step, and click the edit icon. This will open the Email in full view without closing out the canvas.

Don't forget Landing Pages and Forms. If there are corresponding campaign Landing Pages and Forms, be sure to include their steps on your canvas. This will capture their campaign response data for reporting.

2. Timing

Are you scheduling the campaign for a later time, or activating it immediately?

If scheduling the campaign, be sure it's set to the correct time zone.

If the Email is to be sent at a specific time(s), review the Scheduling tab. Are the Start and End times, Time zone, and Days of the week configured as intended?

If you have Wait steps on the canvas, review the configuration there as well. Check that the set amount of time drop down menu is set to the correct time unit, i.e. hours, days, weeks, months.

3. Flow

Are your Campaign Steps in the order you designed?

Some essential Campaign Steps to review:

Shared Filter Member? - Is the step evaluating the correct shared contact filter?

Shared list member? - Is the step evaluating the correct contact list?

Add to Program - Is the correct program mapped? Has the correct Program Step been selected?

4. Settings

Open your Campaign Settings.

Is your Campaign end date configured with the intended time unit? i.e. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, Custom Date.

Open the Advanced settings.

Has the CRM campaign ID been populated yet? This can act as a quick check of your CRM integration as well.

Review the check boxes.

Is the Sync with CRM checkbox checked? Has the Allow contacts to enter campaign more than once checkbox checked? The default for this button is "unchecked" but if you need to override the logic, be sure it's checked off.

5. Notifications

Open the Notifications menu under the Options tab (top left corner of the canvas menu).

Are all your campaign stakeholders added to the Notification list?

If you've set up closed loop reporting, make sure the Budgeted and Actual cost fields are populated. These fields can be found under the Financials tab.

6. Fresh Pair of Eyes

Have a team member review your work. An extra pair of eyes can catch things your checklist may have missed.

Before you activate a campaign, what do you like to double check?

Feel free to reply with your thoughts and ideas.