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MOXA NPort Express DE-311 as an IDN port on the Micros 3700 Server

MOXA NPort Express DE-311

                  as an IDN port on the

                  Micros 3700 Server

The suggested solutions allows to control IDN Printers from a Micros 3700 Server.

Please note that this is a historical article referring to the setup on the RES-4 and W2003 as a Server. Moxa Driver and Application software also evolved since.

However, I believe that the described solution could provide a good starting point.


1) Switches "SW":

                  0     0     1

                  1     2     3

      (You can use a drop of silicon to fix this switches.)

2) Connect power and network.

3) Use the "Administrator" account to install the DE-311 software from the "Moxa Software CD".

4) Open: "Start - Programs - NPort Management Suite - Configurator"

5) Select - "Locate Server - Brodcast Search"

6) Click on the device you want to configure

7) In "Network Settings" set:

                        "Server Name"     - as required

                                                (Micros COM6)

                        "IP Address"      - address on the Micros IP                                             range

                        "Net Mask"        - ""

                        "IP Configuration"- "Static IP"

8) In "Serial Settings" set:

                        "Baud Rate"       - "9600"

                        "Parity"          - "None"

                        "Data Bits"       - "8"

                        "Stop Bit"        - "1"

                        "Flow Control"    - "Xon/Xoff"

                        "UART FIFO"       - "Enable"

                        "Interface"       - "RS-232" (stays greyed                                                      out)

9)  Open: "Start - Programs - NPort Management Suite - COM Port Mapping -          - Real Com Installer"

10) Select the device, configured in steps 8-9.

11) Select: "Server - Add Server Wizard" - Configure the COM Port number.

      ( The COM port number depends on the hardware properties of your     Micros Server. Number "7" is usually free and could be used.

      Micros 3700 tends to have a limit for the IDN ports in range "1-9".)

12) Start Micros 3700 into the "Database".

13) In the POS Configurator go to:

      "Devices - Network Node - Com Ports"

14) Select the Micros 3700 Server.

15) Create a COM Port for each of the Moxa DE-311 ports:

                        "Com Port"        - the port number,

                                            as configured in step 11

                        "Baud Rate"       - "9600 Baud"

                        "Parity Type"     - "None"

                        "Num Dat Bits"    - "8 Bits"

                        "Num Stop Bits"   - "1 bit"

16) Configure the IDN printer(s), driven by the new port.

17) In "Devices -Devices - General" For this printer(s) set

      "Network Node" - your Micros 3700 server

      Configure the rest of the settings as for the regular IDN printer.

18) Reboot your Micros 3700 Server.

19) After the Windows reboot log  as "Administrator".

20) Put Micros into the "Database" or "Front Of House"

21) Run the "Confidence Test" for the new printer(s).

      ("Confidence Test" for the printers will fail if it is ran by a    Windows user without the administrative rights.)

22) The non teamed server LAN adapters should be connected to the separate physical networks.


                  DB9 - IDN (RJ45) interconnector

                  for Moxa DE-311

Layout for the DB9 - IDN (RJ45) interconnector to connect a Micros IDN printer to the Moxa DE-311 RS232,422/485 External Communications Port:

Warning: the colour code may vary from one make of the adapters to another.

DE-311 DB9  |     RJ45              Printer

RxD-  1 -----     5     Green       TxD-

RxD+  2 -----     4     Red         TxD+

TxD+  3 -----     2     Orange      RxD+

TxD-  4 -----     3     Black       RxD-

GND   5 -----     7     Brown       GND