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Scripts to use Agents in OBIEE 12c: mass enabling and execution from a page

User_TN9BEUser_TN9BE Posts: 8 Red Ribbon

Dear Experts,

I've been using this small piece of java script coding to execute Oracle Agents from the dashboard in OBIEE 12c that seems to work fine.  Now I'm upgrading the Oracle BI platform from OBIEE 12c to OAS and it's throwing httprequest not found (404) or unable to locate these java scripts path from lib.  Perhaps the new OAS java code lib paths are set up differently which I would like get some inputs on this.  Our expert Gianni C put together this solution below earlier.  Appreciate if anyone can help on this.



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  • PhHeinPhHein Moderator Posts: 7,090 Silver Trophy

    @Gianni Ceresa : seems like the mods don't have mod powers right now. Or I'm too stupid to find the move action ;)

    Gianni Ceresa
  • Gianni CeresaGianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE Director Posts: 6,008 Gold Crown

    @PhHein it took me a bit to figure out how to reply to this thread (because of course you must join a group to see a reply form, but you first have to find out it's in a group etc.).

    I'm not sure if we are the stupid ones or maybe it is somebody else who designed a forum platform I will not name ... ;)

  • User_TN9BEUser_TN9BE Posts: 8 Red Ribbon

    @Gianni, Thanks for the feedback. I'll explore on the library path.

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