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SPARC, The State-of-the-Art-In-Silicon Acceleration of Encrypted Workloads

Laura Engin
Laura Engin Member Posts: 130 Green Ribbon
edited Apr 25, 2016 12:50PM in Social Groups

By Erik Benner, Enterprise Architect, Mythics Inc., Oracle ACE

This is an extended version of my OOW session, where I will show how SPARC servers can accelerate encryption workloads, and will show how this effect database and WLS workloads. I will run swingbench against a database, then encrypt the table space using TDE, and rerun the same benchmarks. I will go over the history of SPARC, and show where the T4 added in the ability to boost encryption speeds. I will also show how newer generations of SPARC, like the SPARC X also boost in-memory database workloads.

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