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JET Frame Work is creating more DB Connections in Connection Pool

User_BT0RQUser_BT0RQ Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Hi Team,

1.We defined ADF BC Rest Webservices in JCS which are backed by VO & PLSQL

2.We define a Javascript based UI (Oracle JET) with several regions of the page firing off webservices in parallel. We have in some cases at least 10 webservices firing off. Each of these 10 services will in turn consume 10 connections from the connection pool in JCS Web Logic data source.

If we have 10 users in parallel, then we will end up with 100 database connections. How do throttle connection say we limit of 4 for each browser session.

Do we need to pass any header information to rest calls to ensure this? Do we need make any specific configuration on the AM?

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