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Has the "SQL" forum (category) been resurrected on purpose?

mathguy Member Posts: 10,229 Blue Diamond

I noticed that there are now two categories, "SQL" and, separately, "SQL and PL/SQL".

Historically the "SQL" space was a zombie, and when I saw it reappear on Sept, 29 I didn't think much about it. It didn't occur to me that it would be active. However, I just became aware that people are now using it.

I am asking those veteran forum members who participated in this platform change (rather than the Oracle staff who may not be familiar with the history): Is this resurrection of the "SQL" forum intentional? I can still remember all the many excellent reasons why the decision, only a few years ago, was just the opposite.

If having the separate "SQL" category was intentional, that's fine; but if it wasn't, the sooner this oversight is addressed, the better.

Cheers - mathguy

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