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Completely disappointed 😪

L. Fernigrini
L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr ConsultantMember Posts: 3,698 Silver Crown

I've been active on the community for the last 3 years.

I have a full time paid job. Whenever I have 2-3 minutes free, I chose the Oracle Community tab in my browser ( I have it opened all the time), review the inbox, and if any conversation / question seemed interesting I entered, either to learn or to help.

The new system makes impossible to do something as simple as that. I followed 10 - 15 spaces (DB Admin, PL/SQL, APEX, Certification, Spanish) both on MOSC and Groundbreakers , but had a single place where I could check at a glance.

Now I need to have 15 tabs opened, refresh each of them in order to find new questions or comments.

Unless you follow a single space (now category) I find impossible to use the new site.