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Stats on forum usage: how does the new compare to old?

Gianni CeresaGianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE DirectorPosts: 6,059 Gold Crown

Hi @Jim Finch-Oracle ,

Do you have some statistics on number of active users and threads of the last week of the old platform vs the first week of the new one?

During this week I saw 2-3 threads being created in some categories I follow, while in the old forum it was 2-4 per day. Do your numbers also show a drop in users and threads of a 5-10x factor?

Is the situation monitored and something planned to get the people back in the forum and using it?



  • Jim Finch-OracleJim Finch-Oracle Moderator Posts: 526 Employee
    edited October 2020

    That'd be interesting to see, once we have full results in. Though I'm limited to what I can share due to company policies.


    Jim Finch

    Community Experience Manager

    System Admin

  • Gianni CeresaGianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE Director Posts: 6,059 Gold Crown

    I understand you can't share real numbers etc., I was more curious about "trends".

    Because if the forum has approximately the same usage as the old one it could mean that people are opening threads in a different category than those I found and I better look through all the available category to find what I missed. 😁

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