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Millions Have Become Oracle Certified this Summer | How will it benefit the community

Piyush PrakashPiyush Prakash Posts: 12 Red Ribbon
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First and foremost I would like to congratulate each one of you who have cleared Oracle Certification this summer. It would not have been appropriate if I missed to Thanks @Oracle and of course @RohitRahi for their effort and well-documented training sessions.

FREE Certification Program By Oracle:

  • Oracle initiated a free certification program along with well-prepared training session
  • Offered around 6 FREE DBA certification for Oracle Cloud
  • One of its kind of program initiated by any Cloud Providers

A number of Users Benefited:

  • No real data but I assume more than tens of thousands of users
  • That's a whoopee big number

In Returns what Oracle Gets:

  • Oracle is a product based company with large footprints across the globe.
  • Oracle is a strong contender in Cloud Market
  • Certified Oracle Cloud Engineers will definitely boost their market
  • Companies will easily get Oracle Certified Engineers with this program
  • Obviously with this Oracle will get many customers on their cloud and business as well

Certification will really help Engineers

  • I don't have the exact answer here but let me put some facts
  • In one way YES, because you have prepared for this certification
  • You must have attained various videos on cloud, lectures and lab
  • So there is no doubt of about it that you have not learnt anything from these certifications
  • But in another way, If someone has passed with the help of dumps or another way (which is not ethical)
  • In this case, certification not going to help anyway
  • Assume you are looking for a job and after seeing your certification interviewer start asking questions on same
  • If you are able to answer then it's awesome, otherwise, it will make a negative impact.
  • Another example, after seeing your certification, you have been assigned cloud migration project
  • If you struggle there then again it's not a good sign

Your thought process on this?

Best Regards,

Piyush Prakkash

Sr. Oracle Apps DBA,

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