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new forum madness

EdStevens Member Posts: 28,778 Gold Crown

It's madness, I tell you. Madness

Over the last couple of days I've painstakingly put together a hierarchy outline of the new forum structure, starting with the hub ( and drilling down every branch. Thinking that would help identify and clarify every forum I am interested in following, I deleted my existing small collection of browser bookmarks, expecting to rebuild them in a more orderly manner. Foolish me.

Upon completion of the chart (8 pages of a narrow-margin Word doc - and that was just going down Customers - Application and Infrastructure) I started looking for where my primary group was - Database General Discussions. Could not find it. Thinking I might have accidentally deleted it from hitting delete on a mis-placed cursor, I started at the hub and went looking for it. Nada. Then I started looking for this feedback space. I was only able to find it when I googled "oracle community feedback forum". (and that took me to the old forum, which at least had a message with a link to this one).

When I googled "oracle database general discussion forum", the best hit took me to, which I had previously seen and marked for 'following'. But there were no discussions:

Navigating down from the hub (hub - customers - applications & infrastructure - Connect - Applications and Infrastructure Community - On-Premesis Infrastructure - Database Software - ) everything beyond that was sliced and diced very finely. No 'general database discussion' to be found.


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