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Pointless leaderboard?

EdStevens Member Posts: 28,604 Gold Crown

I've never really cared about the leaderboard, per se. I honestly couldn't tell you where I place on it, though with the old forum I was ocassionally surprised to notice that I ranked highly in some forums. But if we're going to have it, let's at least make it a bit more informative. What we get now is icons, and points, But you actually have to click on one (taking you away from the page, to a new page) to see who it is. And even that, I only discovered by taking an uneducated guess.


  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 3,696 Silver Crown

    I understood that there would be more "detailed" leaderboards (I thought on each category) but I only see the leaderboard on the initial page and not in any other "level".

  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 37,776 Red Diamond

    There is another 'leaderbord' when you follow the 'Activity' link.

    On the left side, you see a weekly and overall leaderboard. However, I don't think they represent the real leaderboard. If I remember right, the overall leaderboard in the old system looked different. The weekly leaderboard show users in front where I don't see any activity at all. Maybe the points earned for getting badges (anniversary, x comments,...) count here. But I'm pretty sure that these badges are only awarded for activity in the old forum.