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Where are the "Español" threads?

L. Fernigrini
L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr ConsultantMember Posts: 3,666 Silver Crown

I searched for the old space in the new system, and the search option results are these ones:

The strange things are:

  1. It says that there are 2 results, but shows only 1 link
  2. It says the Category has 3 sub-categories and 1.2K discussions, but when you follow the link:

There is only 1 subcategory (with 50 discussions) and no messages at all...

Same if I click on the Categories menu:

If I see my questions, I find a link to a question I posted on that space some years ago:

If I follow the link, the question exists... but I cannot see the space at all:

Can someone help me find the space contents in the new Categories tree?

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