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Show complete thread contents in chronological order to preserve context

fac586fac586 Senior Technical ArchitectPosts: 18,954 Blue Diamond
edited October 19 in Community Ideas

Consider this thread, which the OP has belatedly marked as answered:

  • All timestamps are displayed as "November 2019".
  • The "accepted answers" are displayed immediately after the question, and not repeated where they originally occurred.

Firstly, this makes it completely impossible to reconstruct a contextual timeline of the discussion.

Secondly, the notion that showing the "correct" answer immediately after the original question is helpful to later viewers is fundamentally flawed:

  • The OP may mark an incorrect or irrelevant post as the answer.
  • The solution may have been arrived at after 6 pages of follow-up questions and discussions by combining contributions from several users, with not all of the relevant posts marked as answers. A reader may realise that that the "answer" is incomplete and start working their way through the thread, only to find that the salient points are split across page 1 and page 6 and not simultaneously visible.

To avoid these frustrations, thread contents must show all posts in the original chronological order, with timestamps shown as dates (year, month, day) and times (hour. minute) not approximated to "November 2019" or "October 10".

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  • Timo HahnTimo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant Moderator Posts: 36,260 Red Diamond

    The last update (I guess) made it possible to see the exact response time if you hoover over the response date

    So, it's almost there, but I like to see the exact time without the need to hoover. I don't know what I get if I'm doing this on a mobile device.


  • mathguymathguy Posts: 9,103 Gold Crown

    In the absence of a sequential number assigned to "comments", the timestamp can also be used to reference earlier posts in the same thread. It is not enough to say "Mr. Kulash's reply" since he may already have four different ones in the same thread; we need to specify which one we are referencing.

    Hovering is OK for some things, but not for this. I strongly agree with the entire Idea as proposed here; obviously with the request that all posts be shown in chronological order, but also that timestamps be shown in full without the need to hover.

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