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Licenciamiento Oracle 19c Enterprise Edition

My licensing of Oracle 19c Enterprise Edition is in process, when I downloaded Oracle 19c Enterprise Edition the license was not required and I even have it installed without problems, when testing with it, while the license arrives, I found the following cases of ERROR and I would like to know if when I get the license they will be solved or they are Oracle problems, below I mention the cases:

  1. My instance is configured with MAX_STRING_SIZE = EXTENDED, so the maximum value of VARCHAR2 or CHAR is 32767 characters, when I cast a data type NUMBER to VARCHAR2 (32767) or CHAR (32767) I get the error Error of E / S: An existing connection has been forced to interrupt by the remote host, and my instance stops immediately, it has only happened to me with data of type NUMBER
  2. I did a Query with 511 CASE WHEN and this caused the instance to be blocked, I even had to restart my computer, because the Oracle service consumed all the RAM memory

I hope you can help me with my problems, thanks



  • Raul.Alvarenga
    Raul.Alvarenga Member Posts: 98 Bronze Badge

    to solve your problemas you need, CSI in order to create support account to use in MOS (MY Oracle Support), with this you could search solutions to your issue in KB.

    if you dont find any solutions you could open a ticket named SR in Oracle world, in order to receive help from official support.

    or maybe you could contract local support in order to solve your issues too.