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Make navigation inside a thread easier

Timo HahnTimo Hahn Senior Principal Technical ConsultantModerator Posts: 36,260 Red Diamond

When reading a (longer) thread it's not easy to go back to the category the thread is in. You either have to scroll to the top of the page and use the breadcrumb or you scroll down to the bottom of the page below the 'Leave a Comment' box

There the 'Post Comment' button sticks out. However, 'Home' and '<category>' are looking like one peace. There should be more space between them.

Even better if every comment has an 'Back to <category>' button or link (if the link is visible clearly).

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  • mathguymathguy Posts: 9,103 Gold Crown

    Better idea, which I will explain in plain English since I am not familiar with the technical terms around web page construction.

    For a long time now there has been a "fixed banner" concept - a small banner at the top of a page that does not move with the "body" of the page. Right now looking at the top of my page, there is such a fixed banner showing the big orange "O" next to "Oracle Communities", then some blank space and then all the little icons on the right.

    A similar, fixed banner at the top should exist for the community (forum, sub-category, whatever) a thread belongs to. That would make navigation that much easier. Not sure if the name of the sub-category can be added to the EXISTING banner, to the right of "Oracle Communities"; on a desktop computer there seems to be enough space, but that may not work on a mobile phone, for example. That can perhaps be addressed with an icon for "back to sub-category" rather than the sub-category name.

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