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reduced participation

EdStevens Member Posts: 28,604 Gold Crown

I can't speak for others, and I am but one of thousands of registered users, but I'm already observing that my own participation is dropping off with the new format.

Entirely due to the lack of a real inbox.

I'm finding it too cumbersome to have to bookmark each section/category/whatever I'd like to follow, then go to each specific one to see if there is something new I'd be interested in reading or contributing to. So I see myself hitting just this area and 'database - general discussion'. Others are bookmarked but traffic isn't sufficient to justify the extra effort it takes to check on them.

I still haven't seen any observable result from 'following' a category.

Just my two scheckles worth.


  • Andrew Watkins
    Andrew Watkins Member Posts: 186 Bronze Badge

    Yes. It is a massive backwards step as a forum. May be that's the Oracle plan so you don't get any free advise..


    Slow, major problem, even typing this email on a mobile device is poor.

    Now way to follow (email) notifications of a single discussion (As you said "section/category/whatever"). Follow some section or nothing..

    Two different forums now MOS and this one. Two profiles to manage and two sets of notifications to set.

    Good example of a bad migration!

    Sorry but unusable..


  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,604 Gold Crown

    Actually, there was always a separate MOSC forum. On that count, keeping two profiles was 'a good thing' as far as I am concerned. Since MOS (and it's MOSC community) require a support license to access, I use my company email as my ID for that, and my personal email for this open community.