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I can't access my discussions since new OTN Update

myluismmyluism Posts: 879 Bronze Badge


I can not access my past discussions. Even though I see my current number of discussions (297) but when l click on link it returns no discussions .

This is critical for me as a knowledge base.

How can I solve this issue?

Kind regards, Luis.

Best Answer


  • Timo HahnTimo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant Moderator Posts: 36,260 Red Diamond

    If you don't see your old discussions, chance is that they are now in another community. There are now three different communities with different profiles. If you login into the Developer Community you can't see discussions you have in the MOS community. In the old software this was possible, in the new it's not. You have to login into the MOS Community to see the posts.

    And I moved this post to the Feedback Community :)


  • fac586fac586 Senior Technical Architect Posts: 18,954 Blue Diamond
    edited October 15

    @Jim Finch-Oracle : This is why all Oracle database categories need to be co-located, not artificially separated across the so-called "Groundbreakers Developer Community" and the heterogenous "Applications & Infrastructure Community".

    A non-technical analogy would be that you have dismantled the kitchen, putting the hob, oven, and microwave in separate bedrooms; fridge, freezer, and pans in the garden shed; knives in the cupboard under the stairs, and then wondered why people are struggling to make dinner.

  • myluismmyluism Posts: 879 Bronze Badge

    So I understand there are different places aren't they? And if so, there is no way to consolidate them since my userid it is the same?

  • Timo HahnTimo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant Moderator Posts: 36,260 Red Diamond

    At the moment, the only way to see all your discussions is to use the search. There you can search for all your discussions over all communities.


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