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Platform performance

Just got off the MOSC forum where I experienced some more maddening issues. Tried to post a message that had some rather lengthy content to be formatted as code, in three sections. First section went OK, but when I selected the second section, the paragraph icon was inactive to select the format menu. And while I was puzzling over that, this popped up:

I eventually gave up, deleted the yet-to-be-formatted content, posted what was left. And got a Captcha to confirm. First time I've seen that here,

And in another posting, with just a very modest amount of content formatted as code, I got the above, plus this, at the bottom left of the screen.

But no matter how many times I hit "Post Discussion", nothing happend. I had to cancel and start again.


  • EdStevensEdStevens Posts: 27,695 Gold Crown

    Just as a follow up, I just spent 30 minutes trying to write a simple post with a couple of blocks of tagged code. Kept getting the 'web page is slowing down your browser', After 10 minutes, I'm still waiting on it to respond to a click on 'post comment' button (it's running on a different machine than where I am writing this).

  • JeanYves BernierJeanYves Bernier Posts: 427 Bronze Badge

    Hi, the same for me here about 30 min to post a thread, hereby the comment I put in my post

    Note : it's really painful to post a thread in this new forum !!! it takes so much time...pasting code is also quite difficult (did not found a syntax option) and you are always clicking on "save draft" being afraid to lost all you have typed before..

    Really not a success for me, and waiting for major improvements by Oracle.

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