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How to handle special characters in REST service URL getting replaced with Hex values in OIC

User_5NYB2 Member Posts: 4 Red Ribbon

Hi Team,

I'm trying to call a REST service using OIC with single query parameter. The value of this parameter contains special character '|' (Pipe) in it. At run time, when OIC integration is triggered, this special character '|' is converted to its hex value '7C' and as a result webservice is not hit and integration errors out. However, when the same REST URL created by OIC is hit from Postman with '%7C' in its URL, it is triggered properly.

If anyone has faced similar issue, please provide solution.

Thanks in advance.




  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 37,655 Red Diamond

    User, your question isn't related to the Certification Community.

    What product do you use?

    Depending on the product we try to find the right forum for your question.


    Moderating Team