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CertView totally busted?

Hi all, I need some community help as I'm not getting any help from Oracle via phone or via logging tickets.

Apologies in advance but I'm going to go on a rant here.

Issue: As a new user, any attempts to create an account or book an online proctored exam do not work.

CertView account creation is OK, but no testing ID is received when signing up. I saw in many places you need to create a Pearson Vue account to get a testing ID and link this. Tried every page of Pearson Vue's Oracle section - no way to create a Pearson Vue account (is this outdated??). Going to Pearson Vue just links to CertView account creation... Thought maybe I can create an account on CertView and choose 'I am a new candidate'. Wrong again! When putting in my (valid) details and saving, next page shows a fantastic blank error message - Also note no testing ID:

So fantastic so far, cannot create an account and so cannot book exam. Logged multiple tickets because account creation is clearly flawed. Was told to contact Oracle sales rep for some reason. Called the phone number on the website (had to search many pages - most phone numbers are invalid) only to get a robot answering. When selecting the option matching the issue was told to visit the site and log a ticket!! Am I going in circles here? Attempted to get a human and requested a call back but after 6 hours nobody rang.

Please fix this issue with accounts and Pearson Vue as something is absolutely wrong here. This seems like a high severity P1 incident as I have tried every possible way of creating an account.

If I'm wrong then someone please enlighten me how to create a CertView account, obtain a testing ID and book an online proctored exam because this seems impossible. I encourage people to try creating new accounts and see if they hit the same issues as existing accounts are probably fine.

Sorry for hostility but this is very frustrating as I am desperately trying to book an exam and get certified, and am receiving no help. There are no other options as this is the only way to book!

I have also seen threads mentioning this brm-certification URL which is supposed to be relevant to exam results. I hit it and saw the worst thing imaginable:

Is this a joke? Or have I stumbled across something nobody seems to have noticed as I can't find any issues with similar observations to mine. I feel insane.

TL;DR - CertView account creation doesn't work properly - no test ID provided, 'new candidate' registration option throws blank error messaages. Pearson Vue account creation no longer exists and nobody at Oracle is assisting when I log tickets! Paid over £200 for a voucher for an exam I cannot book.