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Losing interest

I’ve been a casual contributor for 7 years. I enjoyed helping out when an item that I knew something about appeared in my email, or popped up in my old MOSC Inbox.

Now, I get no notifications, in spite of checking both “email” and “pop-up” in every category. The traffic in the OBIEE community has dropped off to a point that it seems like a waste of time to open the site, and I think about it less every day. 

I will occasionally check in, because I continue to learn from the real gurus, like Christian Berg, Gianni Ceresa, Joel Acha, Robert Angel, et al, but they aren't getting much traffic, either.

I didn’t want to just “drop out” without sharing this impact of the new site design.




  • EdStevens-OC
    EdStevens-OC Member Posts: 55 Silver Trophy
    edited Nov 27, 2020 4:05PM

    I concur. It's a real pain to have to go to each category and figure out what's new.

    1) you first have to discover where each category your are interested in is located. It is very un-intuitive, and some branches are longer to the final 'leaf' than others. I spent the better part of two days mapping out the communities to find all the areas I'm traditionally interested in.

    2) once you locate the areas of interest and bookmark them, you have to manually go to each one to see what's new.

    3) even when you get to a catagory, the strict listing in chronological order of the creation time means it is very easy to miss an older thread that has new content.

    The lack of an effective inbox was one of the two most important issues they missed. (the other being mono-spaced font for code formatting, but it appears they finally fixed that).

    And I don't think anyone has figured out what 'following' a category actually accomplishes.

    All in all, I find myself spending more of my 'forum time' in SE/SO, and OraFAQ. Harder and harder to get motivated to crawl through the Oracle communities.

    L. FernigriniEricvdS
  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 3,834 Silver Crown

    Same happens to me. Besides being really very busy with a Go Live for the company, when I had a few minutes and tried to take a look at what was happening here I found it hard to really see the activity that I want to follow, the older Inbox is really missed!

  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,778 Gold Crown


    With all due respect, the only thing that appears to do is give me a list of links to the 'followed' sub(sub(sub(sub))) categories. Really no different than my browser bookmarks. I still have to visit each one individually to (hopefully) see new content. The reason I say "hopefully" is because the threads will be listed in strict descending chronological order on thread creation date/time. If a several day old thread gets new content, it will most likely go unnoticed. This doesn't even begin to approach the usefulness of the previous inbox functionality, where any thread with new content (and ONLY threads with new content) will show up in my inbox.

    But this does appear to address a point that several people have raised, in that they cannot see any result from 'following' a catagory. I think everyone is expecting 'follow' to result in some sort of pro-active notification. But it appears from this that 'follow' does nothing more than act as a filter for listing available categories.

  • Jim Finch-Oracle
    Jim Finch-Oracle Member Posts: 564 Employee


    That's what following a category does. I'll pass your concerns on to the vendor.


    Jim Finch

    Community Experience Manager

    System Admin