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The problem is when you create the instance


An unpleasant situation occurred the other day. My car shut down due to technical work (image1.png) and after that I couldn't turn it on. I decided to delete the instance, but keep the disk image and then create a new instance from it (image2.png). So I did, but unfortunately, I encountered a new problem-an error when creating an instance (image3.png). I have been observing this problem for quite a long time and it is not solved. So I decided to contact online support, where I was advised to contact technical specialists on the forum.

Question: can you help me solve this problem? Create an instance from a disk image? Because in an online chat, I was told that this procedure cannot be done on my account, although I do not go beyond the "Always free" program, because at the moment I have only 1 boot volume (100GB in size) and a complete lack of instances (within the "Always free" program, there may be 2 of them, and I, again, have 0). I would be grateful if you can solve my problem.