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How to change/update the JS of the header-widget

User_YMYJC Member Posts: 1
edited Dec 2, 2020 2:06PM in Social Groups

Hello everybody

First and foremost: sorry for the newbie-question :)

I took over a cx project and am a bit at loss how to update/change files.

There's an error on the front page, saying that a JS method is missing.

So I downloaded the widget (under Design -> Components -> filtered for «header» -> downloaded the instance).

Then I added the missing methods to the JS-file.

But now I have no idea how to upload the changed files.

I tried it under Settings -> Extensions -> upload extension.

But there I get tons of errors, mainly one that says that ext.json could not be opened as well as some warnings claiming that the path is wrong (mainly the __MACOS/... paths)

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

Any advise for a newbie?

I'm using a Mac, btw, if this matters.