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Read and Unread threads titles all the same in bold

Gianni Ceresa
Gianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE DirectorMember Posts: 6,105 Gold Crown


Till last weekend there was a visible difference between a thread I did read and one I didn't in the categories listing or in the discussions page.

From last weekend they all look the same (and I also tried on a new browser without any possible cache or old copies of local files).

There seem to be a change in the style of the /tech platform which prevent the bold = unread, normal = read change of style.

This still perfectly works for /mosc.

It is a very annoying issue as I simply can't easily see what thread I did already open to look inside (and see if I had something useful to contribute) or new threads (or threads with new activity).

After a quick look at the page, the "read" and "unread" status of a thread is still there as a class on the <li> tag, but the CSS seem to override the rule making read threads less bold (closer to normal text) vs unread threads having an heavier bold font. If I disable the "font-weight: 600" rule it all starts behaving like before.

Would it be possible to correct the CSS to have a visual difference between unread threads and read threads?



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