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the cc finalization button is printing out 3 receipts.

User_RXM8I Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

This is the steps we are taking currently taking.

-User clicks cc authorization tab on our symphony display

-User inserts card and authorizes payment

-System prints out a merchant and customer receipt upon approval

-Receipts get taken to table to be signed

-once signed, user returns to display and clicks the CC finalize button

-User inputs the amount including tip to finalize

-System then reprints customer and merchant receipt as well as a final receipt.

We need to get rid of the extra merchant/customer receipt and only have the system print a final receipt when we are finalizing payment.

we are stuck in a loop of oracle blaming shift4 (our payment system) and shift4 is blaming Oracle. If someone can help us we would greatly appreciate help as we are going to lots of paper to print all the receipts.