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Not able to view past discussions


I was holding "Expert" status in the past and I was actively involved in responding to the questions posted by the community members.

When I check now, I am not able to see my old discussions and the badge is "Green Ribbon".

Can you please let me know what is the reason for this issue?



  • Leigh.Burke-Oracle
    Leigh.Burke-Oracle Senior Product Manager Posts: 261 Employee

    Sorry for the confusion - I can see you are at the Bronze Badge level in our Technology Community and a green ribbon in our hub. The hub is essentially our launching point for the community so all users once they login will be at the green ribbon level. It is in the other communities, like Technology, which includes the Welcome, Developers and our Application and Infrastructure communities, where you will earn badges for your engagement in the community and move up through the ranks like you have to the Bronze Badge.

    We are in the process of designing a unified profile so you can see everything in one place and hope to have that completed in the coming months.

    Thank you,

    Leigh Burke

    Oracle Community Experience Manager