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Best Announcing the Dictionary of English Best Collocations on wr

User_PMZP6 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Hi everybody,

I am very excited to announce that we now have a "dictionary" of English collocations on

Collocations are words that tend to travel together. You commit a criminal offense , take a shower (at least within the US). you would possibly be "raised on a farm". Sometimes languages are difficult and it's difficult to seek out the proper adjective to travel with a noun or use the language in an idiomatic way. This work is our plan to make it easier to seek out this information.

I am quite pleased with our work here and hope it'll be an excellent and invaluable resource for people, especially those learning English and trying to precise themselves well.



If you would like to feature a post in reference to this new dictionary, please attend this thread:

Announcing the Dictionary of English Collocations on WR

Thank you