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VBCS on Free Tier

I would like to start building skills in VBCS and found tutorials taking you through the developer studio using the Free Tier option. Both tutorials I found showed in two different ways how to deploy the VBCS environment on your free tier. Neither of the options are available on my free tier account. I cannot find anywhere to deploy the environment on the free tier. My subscription is hosted in Dubai.

One tutorial instructed me to navigate to "Platform Services" and then "Visual Builder". The other tutorial instructed me to navigate to "OCI Classic Services" and then to "Visual Builder". This is also not available.

Attend the Workshop (oracle.com)

Any ideas?


  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 38,913 Red Diamond

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but VBCS is not part of the Allways Free Tier. You'll need a 30 day trial account or a full account to get VBSC.

    The workshop mentioned uses the 30 day trial account together with the free tier for the DB and other stuff.


  • user10918408
    user10918408 Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

    Hi, I'm in the same situation and have just wasted half a day trying to figure out why the OCI Classic Services menu option giving access to Visual Builder option isn't available to me and how to add.

    If this is a paid option, it would appear while Oracle provide the tutorial, they don't want us to have access to Visual Builder in the Oracle Cloud. I guess I will need to look for other development tools to learn in that case.

    Disappointed as this has been a complete waste of time for me! Oracle need to make it more obvious this isn't free!

  • user4037737
    user4037737 Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

    Hi, Timo is correct, it is available during the 30 days trial but it is not part of the free tier offering. You can always look at Apex as a dev tool on the free tier.

  • user10918408
    user10918408 Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

    I have just signed up for another new free Oracle Cloud trial using a different email address.

    I've received the email telling me it has been Fully Provisioned but still unable to see the OCI Classic Services menu. Again, I'm unable to find anything that suggests I need to actively add this option to the menu.

    This is very frustrating!

  • user10918408
    user10918408 Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon

    Just logged in to Oracle Cloud again using the new account I created this morning, in the hope I could see somewhere to use the free credits that are provided.

    To my surprise the OCI Classic Services menu is now showing, so I have access to Visual Builder.

    Talk about confusing! It would appear when the email is sent to confirm that provisioning is complete, it isn't as clearly something else has happened during the hour I got the email and logged in again.