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Why is Oracle Support so Terrible?

I got forwarded a link about the Oracle free trial. I thought I would check it out and see if it was as good as my current server host.

I set up a server and discovered a minor issue, that I couldn't open a port through Oracle's security lists. I had never used this before, always using regular firewalls like UFW. So I contacted support.

We talked back and forth for about a week, but he was unable to solve the issue. I followed all of his suggestions to the letter and nothing worked. So after about a week, finally I asked to escalate the ticket. I was hoping a new set of eyes would shed some light on the problem.

Apparently escalating the ticket irritated him. My account was deleted the next day. My servers were completely wiped. My data was gone. I am not able to even see the dashboard, I get the "Forbidden" error message. When I try to log into my account is just gone and I can't even use the "recover password" option because there is no account there.

It seems obvious to me that this is either a hissy fit from a tech support guy with poor supervision or a really strangely coincidental accident. I tend to think it is the former.

To be clear, I was respectful and polite at all times. Honeslty, I am still completely confused as to why this happened and I am just looking for a reason.

So at that point, I put in a new support ticket. I just wanted to find out why my account was deleted. A new support mod was assigned and he has been stringing me along for a week. He tells me how they are looking into it, investigating the problem, etc. It seems clear that nothing is happening and nothing will happen.

I have asked several times to just talk to someone on the phone, but this is ignored. Basically everything I say is ignored. I am beginning to suspect that I am speaking with a bot.

Today I got this message from oracle support, fully one week after my account was wiped. "Currently, you have reported that your account got deleted, we have checking internally why this happened." This is what he has been telling me for a week. It doesn't take a week to answer a simple question like this, he just needs to email the person that deleted the account.

So my question is why does Oracle allow this low level of customer support? Is it disdain for trial accounts? or are they as bad with the upgraded accounts? Why would they be so deliberately callous and rude to a potential customer?

I look forward to hearing your opinions. Hopefully I will get to hear them before my forum account is deleted.

John Michaeluser5542180


  • User_VCUSI
    User_VCUSI Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    And yeah, they just deleted my support request without answering it

    John Michael
  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,778 Gold Crown

    FWIW, I once had an issue that took about a week to resolve. The tech I was working with was quite helpful on what was a tough nut to crack. As it turned out, various things we (the tech and I) tried that didn't work but gave me an idea to try a solution that did. No problem, and no criticism of the tech. I closed the ticket with a resolution of 'customer supplied solution' (or however that concept was worded). Next day I received an email from a support manager, accusing me of being unwilling to work with their tech to find a solution. (I believe her exact words were something like "if you would just be willing to work with us, I'm sure we could find a solution") I replied with an explanation that while the tech was very diligent and helpful, I eventually found the solution myself and so closed the ticket with that status. Shortly after, I received an automated email stating that the ticket had been updated. Since I had already closed it, I was curious about the 'update'. They had changed the update to 'tech provided solution' (or however it is worded). I chalked it up as an attempt to game their internal rating system to improve their scores.

    John MichaelUser51642 Yong Huang
  • User_VCUSI
    User_VCUSI Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    Yeah, they clearly have a dysfunctional culture, that is a good point that it may be caused by a stats or numbers game. At this point I am just moving on, they clearly can't be trusted with data. I just hope others read about this kind of stuff before paying too much.

    John Michael
  • user585848
    user585848 Member Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon

    I think Oracle does not pay well. It is frustrating to spend all the time and effort to collect requested information, only to get basic answers. Sometimes the engineer just copy and paste paragraphs from search engines. Complete waste of my time. The sales people are aggressive, but have no desire to address the products defects. Right now, I prefer to use other products.

  • User_NKIQJ
    User_NKIQJ Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

    same experience with all my SR. By my last SR i am waiting more than one Month for simple action Plan. I have alredy prepare and send all to SR Team. Unbelivable.

    I belive that only solution is to call anyone in Oracle (USA) and descibe how "good" support is in EU ... or open no tehnical SR and again describe all.

    third, on all social networks to say exactly what is happening with such poor support.