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Multiple duplicate threads - caused by latency

mathguy Member Posts: 10,081 Blue Diamond
edited Sep 17, 2021 3:45PM in Community Platform Bug Reports

Several times in the past few days (at least four times in the last three days, if I am counting right), posters in SQL & PL/SQL - generally new(er) ones - posted multiple copies of their question. When asked, at least two said that after they hit "Submit" the first time they couldn't see their post, and even got some sort of page error - so they submitted again. This doesn't seem like their fault, but rather an old bug that keeps resurfacing regularly.

I will try to hunt down some of the threads - I will edit this post to add the links below. Here is the most recent one. (Alternatively: You can check with moderators, like Frank Kulash and BluShadow; if you have access to their activity logs, you can see the threads they closed, almost all if not all due to duplicate threads.)

Additional links: (initially there's nothing below this line, but there may be after I edit the post)