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Search fails depending on "Sort By" option

fac586 Senior Technical ArchitectMember Posts: 21,460 Red Diamond

Go to the Search page and search for the word "synonym" in the "APEX Discussions" category.

Note the initial display of relevant threads from an estimated set of 2.3k search results using the default Best Match sort option.

Change the sort option to Newest. 2.3k results are reported but only one is displayed. Click the Next button: No results found.

Amongst the many disappointments and issues resulting from the switch to the Vanilla Community platform, the Search feature is the worst, and for a year Oracle have done nothing about it.


  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 4,096 Silver Crown

    The APEX category is not working well, it has been reported some weeks ago and no fix has been implemented yet, depending on the moment you see only one," two or three pages of content, all other APEX content seems to be missing

    Since the category is shown by "recent Updated" then is seems to match what you are saying, somehow the index by update date seems to be empty or corrupt and no data is retrieved on that category when trying to acces by date.