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BUG: can not change profile to private

I can not change my forum profile to "private" - after clicking the checkbox for "private" there will be displayed an error about the user name not containing valid characters (which was autogenerated and not changed). I did not change the username, just clicked the "private" checkbox.

Also in a second attempt I tried to change the username - the procedure takes me to another window (why?) and after changing the username I click "continue" - but the username showed in my profile is still the same autogenerated one. I still can not change the profile to "private".

After logging out and in again, the username is set to the one I typed in, but the error message trying to change my profile to private is still shown.

I have to add that even the error message about the user name is wrong. It says

"Usernames must be 3-20 characters and consist of letters, numbers, and underscores."

While my username has 3-20 characters and consist of letters, numbers, and underscores.

PLEASE set my profile to private - thanks!

I would strongly recommend to use battle-hardened open source forum software instead of trying to reinvent wheels that stay in alpha forever. The errors described above would not have passed QA even in a small web dev team.