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Can't Open Primavera Application Exception in module PM.EXE

Mohammed naeem
Mohammed naeem Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

I'm Working with SQLite and primavera version 21

Anyone had this issue before? How to solve it? Thanks.


  • mathguy
    mathguy Member Posts: 10,539 Blue Diamond

    Does your question belong to this space (programming questions specifically about Oracle SQL and about PL/SQL)? I suspect it does not (but I'm not sure, since I have no clue what Primavera application is).

    If your question is not a SQL or PL/SQL programming question, you posted this in the wrong place.

  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 6,195 Silver Crown

    It looks like it is about a non-Oracle database connecting to an Oracle product but leaves out "how" the integration is being attempted and How to reproduce the error and any reference links to examples/documentation that this can be done.

    I flagged it as "wrong place"

  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 38,457 Red Diamond

    To my knowledge, there is no Primavera-related forum in this community. I would try the support community

    However, this support community requires a user having a support identifier attached. So, you need a support account to access the community.


    Moderating Team