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Oracle Complaints department / procedure needed!

As an SME making use of Oracle UK services for several years, it is rather obvious that the poor levels of UK Customer, Billing and Technical support are simply due to Oracle not having a complaints department or procedure. Without this basic tool, management have no visibility on the poor levels of service provided to UK customers.

Oracle Surveys are a complete waste of time and money, I personally believe surveys get deleted as they arrive, or at best archived and forgot. Oracle can use the time and money spend on this to set-up a proper UK based Complaints department, which would automatically improve UK customers experience and Oracle's rather pitiable image in the UK.

A real pity to see such a great technical cloud infrastructure supported by uninterested, unmotivated, unprofessional and unreliable staff. Anyway, we are hanging on for now, and will continuously push for a complaints department. Hopefully, one day, UK customers will have their own customer, billing and technical support divisions - fingers crossed!