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I passed the 1Z0-071, which certification comes next?

Hi. i passed the 1z0-071 exam and i want to continue on the database certification path.

I want to prepare for the pl/sql certification but i don't know which exam is next.

I saw the oracle database pl/sql developer certified professional certification but in the requirements appears two exams that was retired:

Which is the equivalent now?


  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 3,835 Silver Crown

    The exam you already took get you the "Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification".

    You now need to take the exam "Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL" (1Z0-149) as shown on the certification path (is the one on the Step 2) to get the "Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional Certification"

    The 2 exams that are retired are other options to get the first step certification, you need any of those 3 exams that appear on the first step list (nowadays you can take only one (1Z0-071) since the other 2 are retired, but people that took and pass them while they were active can still use them in this path) and then take the second step as mentioned before.

    The page should say "pass any of these exams" rather than "pass this exam" and show 3 option...

    You can also have an additional path that uses this exam as first step, you can take exam 1Z0-062 (Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z0-062) and get the "Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Certification"

  • User_787OO
    User_787OO Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Hi P2YAV

    Do you have any Q/A for the 1Z0-071 exam - or - where can I get sample exam questions. Planing on taking the exam next week. Any help is welcome, Wilson [email protected]


  • Jules63
    Jules63 Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    Hi I wonder if anyone could help or advise me

    I would like to register for 1Z0-071 and 1Z0-149 but wondered if they are due to retire soon or if they are current and no planned retirement as yet, I couldnt find a retirement date so I guessed they are both current.

    I am based in the UK and wondered if anyone knew when I come to take the exam if there are exam centres in the UK or if I have to be taken from home.

    Thank you in advance

    Julian Harrall


  • L. Fernigrini
    L. Fernigrini Data Engineer Sr Consultant Member Posts: 3,835 Silver Crown